Lydell's Story

Lydell Moore Patient Success Story

Lydell Moore tested positive COVID-19 and was sent home from the doctor’s office to recover.

When days passed and the 48-year-old’s shortness of breath intensified, Lydell’s wife drove him to the local hospital’s emergency room (ER).

At the ER, Lydell rapidly declined. He fell into respiratory failure was placed on a ventilator. Complications, including multiple infections, cellulitis and an abscess added to the battle.

Slowly, the disease loosened its grip on Lydell. He was taken off the ventilator and received a high flow tube of oxygen at his nose.

He stabilized and was transferred to Select Specialty Hospital – Midtown Atlanta for extended recovery.  Lydell’s goal was to wean from oxygen support and rebuild strength.

A physician-led team, including therapists and nurses, created a plan for success that aligned with Lydell’s personal one – he wanted to get back home within three weeks. Summer was coming and he didn’t want to miss time at the beach with his family.

Respiratory therapists, overseen by a pulmonologist, began ventilator liberation trials, stepping back machine support gradually over two weeks. Lydell was taken through coughing, chest and breathing exercises to rebuild stamina and lung capacity.

Concurrently, physical and occupational therapy deployed a mobility program. Each day, Lydell worked on making small movements – sitting up in bed, at its edge and moving into a chair – that added up to significant progress. In time, he gained enough strength to stand and walk with minimal assistance.

Lydell’s ‘a-ha’ moment arrived when he left his room and walked down the hall. It meant he was finally getting well.

Thanks to a combination of specialty care and personal drive, Lydell met all his goals and returned home three weeks after arriving, just as he had set out to do.

“Select Specialty Hospital took excellent care of me,” he said. “They kept me engaged and positive.”

Lydell was already planning a celebratory beach trip with his family.