Doraiky Albisa, Chief Executive Officer

Doraiky Albisa is the chief executive officer of Select Specialty Hospital – Miami. Promoted to this role in 2022, she oversees hospital operations, quality and employee engagement initiatives.

Doraiky spent 15 years as SSH Miami’s chief nursing officer, having previously served as its director of quality management, infection control and nursing educator. She began her career with Select as a bedside nurse.

Earlier, Doraiky worked for Kendall Regional Medical Center as an intensive care unit (ICU) registered nurse, as a University of Miami research specialist and as a medical doctor for the General Hospital Guines-Havana in Cuba.

Additionally, Doraiky taught at Saber Nursing School and worked as a nurse practitioner for Gila Medical Center.

She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing from Florida International University and a medical doctorate from Superior Medical Sciences Institute of Havana, Cuba.

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Select Specialty Hospital is a critical illness recovery hospital, specializing in helping critically ill patients breathe, speak, eat, walk and think as independently as possible.